I can't begin to tell you what a pleasure it was for me to hear you tell Mark's Gospel again. I know that I speak for all those who were present when I say that it was a truly spirit-filled eveing. What a truly wonderful gift and responsibility to have such a ministry! Promise me that you will keep doing this! 

Rev. Mark Byers - St. Peter's-Trinity Church - Thomaston, CT

Reviews and Press

CrossCurrents Magazine
The Gospel of Mark Performance by Ann Turner

"Perhaps if you have been born in a town called “Weeping Water,” it fits you for a life of proclaiming the Gospel. Or—perhaps a long stint as a professional rock musician (Bert’s band opened for “The Who”) gives you a taste for the power and profundity of words. Or, it could be that the many miles spent on the open roads as a truck driver gave Bert Marshall the time to frame his beliefs in words so that others can take them into their hearts"

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The Gospel of Mark Performance, by Richard Spalding
Protestant Chaplain at Williams College, Williamstown, MA

“The beginning of the good news of Jesus Christ…” It was as though those few words grabbed the affable Bert Marshall by the lapel of his tunic and pulled him into the gravitational sphere of a narrative that is both deeply familiar and utterly strange, even shocking. For the next two hours the unfolding story seemed to be a presence of its own in the darkened Great Room of Goodrich Hall at Williams - with Marshall not so much telling it as circumnavigating it, transfixed in its mystery, and with the audience held too in the field of attraction..."

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What Others are Saying

"Our church was packed to overflowing. The energy was electric. The next two hours were extraordinary!" Rev. Kristin Foster, Messiah Lutheran Church, Mountain Iron MN. FULL ARTICLE

"I expected it to be good, but I didn't expect to be blown away like that!"
- Rev. Scott Gunn - Cincinnati, OH

"Awesome! You were wonderful. You blew the doors off the place!"
-Rev. John Hudson, Pilgrim UCC, Sherborn, MA

"Truly, this performance/retelling is so deeply powerful that I will never, ever forget it. My knees still tremble when I think of it. And the drum--my God!"
-Ann Warren Turner

"Dear Bert, Thank you so very much for your wonderful presentation of the Gospel of Mark last Friday evening in Worcester, MA. It was simply a superb evening: a good size audience, a terrific setting, and your moving rendition of Mark's Gospel. What a way to spend an evening! I am so grateful for your presentation of Mark. You really entered into the story and thus brought us into the story as well. Most of the people present, including the young people, of whom there were a goodly number, never 'heard the story' that way before. It leaves a powerful impression. You certainly had a receptive audience!"
- Donald A. Wells - Retired Executive Director, Massachusetts Bible Society, Boston, MA.

"Rev. Bert Marshall's presentation of Mark's gospel was much more than performance. He was the story-teller, made tangible before us, living and breathing. It was the very opposite of "me" centered performance. He subjugated his ego and allowed himself to become, as St. Francis wrote in his Peace Prayer, an instrument. And we were all deeply touched. As the narration proceeded it felt like the energy in the room moved in circular fashion, gaining strength like a quiet hurricane, pulling us into its center. His music powerfully undergirded the text. I don't recall ever experiencing anything quite like this. I will not soon forget it."
- Jim Ballard, Ashfield, MA

"I am still struck by hearing and seeing the Gospel of Mark Alive in Keene before Thanksgiving. You did more than bring the Good News to life, you reached across the centuries and showed us the timelessness of the message, and how vibrant it still is today especially for a modern world. You freed Mark from being words on a flat page book. Thank you!"
- Ingrid Baily, Southern ME

"Amazing, Bert. Fantastic. Rivetting and revealing. What a gift to us! Thank you!"
-The Rev. Dr. Nancy Taylor - Old South Church - Boston MA

"Thank you for leading the School of Theology community in worship last week. You truly made the Gospel come alive in the midst of our community. What a wonderful reminder that the scriptures are living." Shawn Fiedler, Boston University School of Theology.

"I was so captured by the sharing of story, and found it to be so emotional. I cannot remember a time when I've looked around our chapel to find everyone sitting on the edge of their seat, leaning forward. It was so captivating and so meaningful for us." Rev. Chad W. Kidd, Worship Coordinator, Boston University School of Theology.

"Thank you for sharing the Gospel of Mark with us last year. It was one of the highlights of the year." Judy Selvy, Central United Methodist Church, Concord NC.

"People are still talking about the Gospel of Mark Alive event at the University of Minnesota Duluth. You did a superb job with a depth that brought us all into the joy, humor, teaching and pathos of the Gospel of Mark." Doug Paulson